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Are All Automatic Mahjong Tables The same?

Are all Automatic Mahjong Tables the same?

I have been asked this question countless times. Even though all Automatic Mahjong Tables are designed to perform the same task of building walls there are many differences. In this article I will try to outline the differences and hopefully enable you to make a good choice when purchasing an Automatic Mahjong Table.

First the most important thing of any consumer product you purchase is to make sure the product will be supported by the manufacture or agent/distributor. Without support the product is only as good until the product breaks down. Are parts available? Are parts available in the USA? Does the company have a good reputation? Are referrals available? These are questions that you should ask before buying. I receive many inquiries from many consumers who have purchased Automatic Mahjong Tables directly from China asking if I have parts available or if I am able to assist them with repairs. As difficult as this can be, most of the time I am unable to help them.

Every manufacture of Automatic Mahjong Tables uses similar but different parts. Most manufactures just assemble the Automatic Mahjong Tables. They purchase parts from different factories and assemble. Some purchase broken machines from the larger assemblers at a great discount and repair them. These are the majority of the machines that are exported to the USA. That is why most of the direct buyers from China are dissatisfied with what they receive, most of the time they receive a broken or a refurbished Automatic Mahjong Table.

One important thing to remember when doing business in China is that once a seller receives your money they will never under any circumstances refund your money. This is one of the difficulties in doing business in China.  Even meals in restaurants cannot be returned. Once you order you will need to pay, even if the food was not prepared properly or tasted terrible.

Another thing to consider is if the manufacture is ISO certified ( or follows any of the six sigma practices. ( Which most of the Automatic Mahjong manufactures do not follow. Quality control and quality assurance practices are the most important thing in making a great product. Unfortunately as we all know from personal experience, this is not common for goods made in China. This is why the Automatic Mahjong Table should be quality checked before shipping locally in the USA to avoid disappointment to the end user.

Does the Automatic Mahjong Table have one port or four ports for distributing tiles? The more ports the faster the Automatic Mahjong Table. This means the walls get built faster.

Other important things to consider Is, was it designed as a 110/120 volt/60 hertz machine to work in the USA or was it designed to work in China or Europe where the voltage is 220volt/50 hertz. Some sellers will just add a step down transformer from 220volts to 110v0lts and change the power cord. These machines will still work in the USA; they will be just a little slower. Parts for these machines will also be more difficult to find in the USA if available at all.

There are Automatic Mahjong Tables that are very versatile in design with many optional game tiles. Some can even play up to 40 different styles of Mahjong for example American 152 tiles, Chinese 144 tiles, Japanese 136 etc. Some can even be programed to play dominoes, poker or any card game that uses a standard deck of cards. Some Automatic Mahjong Tables come in a folding model, which makes them perfect for home owners or apartment dwellers who have limited space. Some even come with wheels.

Then there are the wood covers that can turn an Automatic Mahjong Table into an all-purpose table. Some wooden covers even come with an international chess/checker board.

Some Automatic Mahjong Tables are made of fine quality furniture which will blend in nicely with most home decors. They come in different finishes to suit different buyers.

Automatic Mahjong Tables are the future of Mahjong. In China as well of most of Asia, you will find an Automatic Mahjong Table where ever there is electricity to power it. Even in the most remote villages, if there is electricity you will find an Automatic Mahjong Table.  I am sure the game of Mahjong in the USA will slowly transform from a manual playing game to an Automatic Mahjong Table.

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