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Automatic Mah jongg Tables in the USA part 2

Automatic Mahjong Tables in the USA part 2

A lot has changed since I wrote part one. Our company Versatile Machinery USA LLC has manufactured two new Mahjong tables. One is our new American Mah Jongg Table, manufactured for the American Mah Jongg player. This table uses the smaller tiles that American Mah Jong players use every day at home or in tournaments. This is the first time an Automatic Mah Jongg Table has been created for the American player. Historically, Automatic Mahjong Tables have always been manufactured for the Asian player.

Our new Automatic Mah Jongg Table was released for sale in the USA in June of 2013. It comes with smaller tiles and a new digital control center that counts the tiles as the walls are being built.

This model has been successfully accepted by the American Mah Jong player. As the news of this table has spread through the social networks as well as word of mouth, sales continue to increase. The new technology combined with our guarantee/warranty has helped the American Mah Jongg community to embrace the future of the game. Not to mention our superb customer service as well as the testimonial of our customers.

We now offer the American Automatic Mah Jongg Table with the choice of 3 sizes of tiles.  The table size depends on the size of the tiles, the bigger the tile size the larger the table.

Our second new release is the Japanese Automatic Mahjong Table with the butterfly control center. This new cutting edge technology makes playing the game as exciting as it gets. This new technology gives credence to the authenticity of playing Mahjong the Japanese way.  We were the first and only company at the time of this article being published to make a Japanese Automatic Table with the butterfly technology. Ever since our release in 2013, I have seen several Chinese Automatic Mahjong Tables being advertised with the butterfly technology, but none specifically designed for the Japanese player in the USA.

The Japanese Automatic Table has also been a hit with the Japanese players in the USA. As you search online you will find many customers who have purchased our tables leaving great feedback on the many websites used by our customers.

The new technology combined with our fundamental core values and our commitment to the game of Mahjong, has elevated the game to a new popularity not seen in the USA in quite some time.

There are many benefits to playing Mahjong as outlined on  and the BBC webpage as well as many other websites. It is a game where people of all ages including children can benefit. It helps build cognitive skills. It is a great way of spending quality time with friends and family members. I enjoy it the most when we have family members over for the holidays and play on our Automatic Mahjong table.

As we continue to stabilize the cost of owning an Automatic Mahjong Table, there is no question the Automatic Mahjong Table will continue to become very popular in the USA.

Some say it is quite expensive to purchase one. My answer to them is “you worked hard for your money, you deserve the best”

There is no greater pleasure than spending quality time with friends and family members. Quality time with close friends and family members is priceless.

Our mission is to reverse the erosion of quality time with family members and to provide an alternative than to simply being connected to family members by the way of social media.

Some of my best memories growing up were the time we spent playing all different kinds of board games.  When family members visited us for the holidays we would spend hours playing games.