Are All Automatic Mahjong Tables The Same?

Automatic Mahjong Table FAQ

Automatic Mahjong Table FAQ

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Q: How does an Automatic Mahjong Table work?

A: Automatic Mahjong Table FAQ. An Automatic Mahjong Table works by using magnetism. The table contains 4 powerful magnets which influence the magnets inside of the Mahjong tiles. By using magnetism we can establish which side of the tile will be facing up. This is accomplished by installing the magnets inside the tiles with their poles facing in the same direction of the magnets inside of the table. This will cause the magnets to repel and turn onto the side where the tile numbers are not seen. We also use the magnets to load the tiles onto a small conveyor belt to be distributed to each wall. We then use sensors to count how many tiles will load onto each wall and distribute the remaining tiles to the other walls where needed. This process is repeated every time a new game is played.

Q: How many sets of tiles come with an Automatic Mahjong Table?

A: Each table comes with 2 sets of magnetic tiles. 1 Blue and 1 green. Custom colors are not available.

Q: What is the difference between your American, Chinese and Japanese tables?

A: Each culture plays Mahjong, Mah jongg and Majiang very differently. The fundamentals of the rules as well as table and tile sizes are different. Below are examples:

  • Chinese Majiang is played on a larger table using large tiles. The game is played using 144 tiles
  • Japanese Mahjong is played on a small table using very small tiles. The game is played using 136 tiles.
  • American Mah jong is played using small and flat tiles on a small table. American players use 152 tiles with a Hindu-Arabic numerals located on the top left side of the tiles (0-9). These smaller tiles are only available with the purchase of one of the tables on our website. We are the only manufacture that make an Automatic Mah jongg table for the American Mahjong player using the same size of tiles as used in homes and at tournaments. American Mah jongg is also played using a card which contains rules that are changed on a yearly basis.

Q: What is the difference with an American Mahjong Table sold at other websites and the table manufactured by Versatile Machinery USA LLC?

A: Our American Automatic Mahjong Table is the only table manufactured specifically for the American Mah jongg player. American Mah jongg is played with 152 very small tiles on a small table using a card. The tables sold on other websites are Automatic Mahjong Tables manufactured for the Chinese Majiang player. They use very large tiles on a larger table. we also need to consider quality, warranty, and service as well as parts. Our Automatic Mahjong tables undergo through a strict quality assurance program here in the USA not in China. All of the electronic components as well as all pertinent parts are installed here in the USA where quality can be assured. If our competitors can not match our 1 year replacement warranty don’t buy. See terms and conditions for more details.


Q: Are your Automatic Mahjong Tables manufactured in the USA?

A: Our tables are partially manufactured in China to keep the cost of the table reasonable. Partially means we buy the empty shells (assembled cabinets). We install the electronic parts and finish assembling the tables at our Tampa Florida facility. We also make the modifications necessary for the tables to work. We install all pertinent parts at our Tampa FL facility. The tables also undergo through our extensive/intensive quality assurance program at our Tampa facility before we ship to you. We are very proud to announce our new VMAMT-W3 is now made here in the USA. This is an oak plywood table. We will be adding additional USA made tables in the future.


Q: Do you provide a warranty for your Automatic Mahjong Tables?

A: All of our Automatic Mahjong Tables come with a limited 1 year manufactures warranty. First we guarantee you will receive a working Automatic Mahjong Table. If it is damaged during shipping we will replace it at no cost to you. Second, during the first year if we are unable to help you with any manufacture defects you encounter using telephone or video support. We will replace the Automatic Mahjong Table at no cost to you. After the 1st year we will provide you with support and sell to you which ever parts are needed to make your Automatic Mahjong Table work. We are confident if they work for the 1st year, they will provide you with many more years of service.

  • We can provide this warranty because we are confident of the quality of the Automatic Mahjong Table we manufacture. Our Automatic Mahjong Tables undergo through our extensive/intensive quality assurance program at our Tampa FL facility before we ship it to you.


Q: Do you ship your Automatic Mahjong Tables to Canada?

A: Yes, we ship to Canada. We currently have major following in Canada. Please email us your postal code to inquire for shipping cost. We also take care of all of the necessary custom forms as well as the tax forms.We provide a stress free door to door delivery. We ship directly to your door. We can also ship to the nearest trucking facility to save on delivery charges.

Q: Do you ship to Hawaii?

A: Yes we ship to Hawaii. We ship door to door. Email us your postal code for rates.


Q: So many choices, what should I look for before purchasing an Automatic Mahjong Table?

A: First decide if you are interested in a wood table or a plastic frame table. If you have expensive designer furniture then you should look at which wooden model would blend in with your furniture. If you have a separate play room then it would be a matter of preference wood or plastic. Also consider if you will need a mobile table some come with wheels.


Q: Why should I buy from you and not directly from China or a local distributor of Chinese Tables?

A: Every week we get calls from people who purchased directly from China or local USA resellers of cheap Automatic Mahjong Tables and need help because their Automatic Mahjong Table does not work. Many even tell us of how they lost their money once they purchased an Automatic Mahjong Table using western union. Once they pay they never hear from the seller again.

When you ship a single machine directly from China to the USA, chances are that it will be transferred over and over. This will increase the chances of it being thrown around and mishandled. That is why our parts are transported in a full container directly to our Tampa facility. Furthermore, many of the Automatic Mahjong Tables shipped to the USA are refurbished tables. Many are purchased by smaller companies in China and refurbished then shipped to the USA.

Before importing or buying from a local distributor, you should consider how will they handle the warranty? Who would you call for help? How can they provide parts if needed? or help you should the Automatic Mah jongg Table does not work? Do they have the technical knowledge? What about the language barriers? When you consider the hidden cost of shipping, customs clearance, taxes and local delivery, many Automatic Mahjong Tables cost the same as ours or even more. And let’s not forget the warranty.

A prudent decision would be to buy in the USA and buy an American brand and save yourself the headache and enjoy a quality product. Buying from us will allow you to spend worry free quality time with friends and family knowing help if needed is just a phone call away. Also lets not forget by purchasing here in the USA you are supporting an American company.

Q: Do you service or provide support for other brands of Automatic Mahjong Tables?

A: As much as we would like to help, it can be very difficult to do. Each manufactures use different computer boards, programing as well as parts. Many cheap imported Automatic Mahjong Tables use inferior parts that are not available for replacement.We can help match some motors and some small items that are generic  in the industry.